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Fruit and Rice Warm Me Up.

What You Need:   1 1/2 C brown rice, cooked 1 C soy milk 1 banana, … [Read more...]

chicken salad

Chicken Salad.

Ingredients: 1 smoked chicken breast 2 tomatoes 100 grams of pickled mushrooms 100 … [Read more...]

candy with fresh strawberry

Candy With Fresh Strawberry.

Ingredients - Vanilla yogurt (thick) - Strawberries - Chocolate … [Read more...]

lunch box for kids

Brown Bag Lunches for Children.

Taking a lunch from home can save money and provide nutrition not found in fast food or … [Read more...]

what eating your child

Substitution and Alternative Lunch Ideas for Special Diets.

Children with food allergies which require special diets often feel left out. They may … [Read more...]